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Yamanaka brought a new wind to Vietnam village

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    Yamanaka is a well-known brands to enter Vietnam to field first coffee bags in the coffee industry, using Japanese technology in a paper package creates a wonderful coffee pot, styling enjoying a cup of coffee bags with strong, pure, fresh, fragrant, but very convenient to use anytime, anywhere.
    Currently, Yamanaka has gradually tuhao is a manufacturer of hot coffee bags in Vietnam, the brand Yamanaka always brings the flavor experience of coffee bags to coffee devotees country.
    Prior to your hands, then the beans Yamanaka is cà phê sạch, fresh, located in the land full of romantic Da Lat, with a cool climate all year round, with thorough care using modern methods to bring clean the coffee beans and processed according to international standards, no impurities, no smell aromas, to create Truecoffee coffee bags are lined with a paper bag modern small, handy and no second pollution is the first choice of busy people and foreign customers.
    The market's main consumer brand is now the Japanese Yamanaka, Radio Netherlands, South Korea, China, USA, Europe, Thailand, ... The major markets contributed to this power boost coffee consumption bag of Vietnam to the world.
    Yamanaka also available here and thank you for choosing this style of coffee Yamanaka, we always listen and improve products to best serve our customers. There Yamanaka you can enjoy coffee bags anywhere, the business trip or travel for several days with the coffee bags this, a new innovative style of Yamanaka (Vietnam).

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