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Vietnamese driving license changing service

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    You would like to change your international driving license into VietNamese drivers license?
    You would like to extend Vietnamese Driver's license?
    AN KHANG Company specializes in providing this service!

    *You are a foreigner who is working and studying in Vietnam and you would like to obtain a Vietnamese driving license to serve your traveling demands?
    *You would like to change your foreign driving license into Vietnamese driving license-Class B(car) => this work can be completed within 7-9 days (normal processing=2 weeks)-We can complete for you before you come to Viet nam if your Visa in Viet Nam still valid-total price only 75 usd.
    *You would like to change your foreign driving license into Vietnamese driving license –Class A1 (motorbike) =>YOU DON'T NEED TEST THE PRATICE EXAM . We implement all necessary procedures =>This work can be completed within 7 days from the document receiving date=>after your foreign driving license is changed,Class A1( motorbike) and B2(car) are still included in your Vietnamese driver's license.
    *If your visa only 3 months, We can complete longer for you, maximum 5 years, please contact us!
    *Documents should be prepared and provided by you: passport+visa (photocopy)+05 photos 3x4 cm + your foreign driving license +address where you live in Viet Nam(Hotel,company,or you can use my Office address for your Vietnamese Driving License)
    *We will provide you with the form and give you instructions on completion of the procedures in the quickest and easiest manner with the lowest cost .
    *You do not have to spend much time, instead you only submit your documents at our company and receive the Vietnamese driving license within the shortest time.

    *We are committed that you still get your original driving license after our work is completed. You will get your original document at Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City located at 63 Ly Tu Trong-Ben Nghe Ward-District 1-HCM City or 252-Ly Chinh Thang-District 3-HCMC-If not,you can receive your document in my Office-Your original document should be managed by you for your convenience for re-changing or re-issuance afterwards in case of loss.

    *To gain your trust and demonstrate our reputation, our company will not collect the fee. You only submit the necessary documents=>You only pay fee when the work is 100% completed.
    *Free delivery on hand in Ho Chi Minh City.
    *Visa & Passport & Temporary residence card Extension + Translation...service
    *You can contact us via email before come to VietNam->It's faster!
    Email: vanphongankhang@gmail.com


    Head Office : 18-Yen Ninh str- Ba Dinh District -Ha Noi City
    Branch Office : 85- Dien Bien Phu str-Da Kao Ward-District 1-HCM City
    Branch Office :17-Le loi str-Hue City
    Branch Office : 20-Hai Ba Trung-Ninh Kieu district-Can Tho City
    Phone : 08.6680.7057__Fax: 083.910.1292
    Hotline: 0983.247.057____0902.457.057
    Yahoo: upa098

    the motorbike practice exam

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