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    1. Bilateral relations between Vietnam and United States of America.

    - Vietnam and United States of America has established diplomatic relations since 1995, Vietnam's bilateral relationship with United States of America is regarded as politically, strategically and economically important, and it has been steadily strengthening. Under the assistance of United States of America, Vietnam has completed many national projects.

    - The expansion of long-lasting relations between the two countries have brought many benefits of trade, investment and tourism, ...Base on the above relationship, applying visa to enter Vietnam for American becomes more simple and easier. The Vietnamese government always welcomes the American citizens entering Vietnam for commercial investment, tourism, or educational purpose. If you are American or foreigner living in United States of America, you should refer some useful information below. You will know how easy to get the Vietnamese visa.

    How to get visa from United States of America?

    If you want to know how to get Vietnamese visa in United States of America. You should check visa requirements whether you need getting a visa to Vietnam or not? After checking please do the following steps:
    • Your passport has at least 6 months expiry date from the arrival date in Vietnam.
    • 2 photos 4x6cm available (less than 3months)
    • You must prepare some money for Vietnam visa service fee.
    • You have to fill in the form of entry and exit. (download)
    After completing required steps above, you are 100% sure a visa to enter Vietnam. There are two ways for getting visa to Vietnam for American citizens in United States of America and Foreigners living in United States of America.

    1. Apply Vietnam Online (Recommended)

    Apply Vietnam visa online (or Vietnam visa on arrival at the airport), this is the most popular way today and it will save your time and money so much. Just a few minutes to fill in the form online then you confidently have visa to entry into Vietnam.

    2. Apply Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate

    It is a little bit complicated to apply Vietnam visa from Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in your country. This case requires Vietnamese consulate or embassy that has been established in your residence country. But this problem may be solved in United States of America, because there is one Vietnamese embassy in Washington DC, two consulate in San Francisco and Houston-Texas. Therefore, apply Vietnam entry visa is easy for American and foreigners who settled in United States of America. To learn how to apply Vietnam visa, please see the next step:

    How it works?

    a. For Vietnam visa application online.

    This way is recommended you use:
    Fill your passport details in the online "secure form". After filling the form, you will be required to pay some money to apply visa approval letter for you (Visa fee).

    After settling the payment for visa Vietnam service fee, you will get the Vietnam visa approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department in 24 to 48 hours. Then we will send the approval letter to you by E-mail in PDF or JPG file.

    Then you must print this Vietnam visa approval letter and form of entry and exit out (download). Prepare two photos 4x6 cm, some cash (25USD /person for Vietnam single entry visa, and 50 USD / person for Vietnam multiple entries visa).

    When you arrive at the airport, you just show all the prepared documents together with your passport for Immigration staff at the "landing visa" counter which is on the left sign at the check in point inside airports. And they will stamp the visa on your passport.

    b. For Applying Vietnam visa at Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate.

    This takes you a lot of time and anxiety. You need to prepare the following requirements if you want to apply for visa at Consulate / Embassy:
    • You must have passports and the expiry date of at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Vietnam.
    • An envelope affixed with stamps available and clearly your home address.
    • A certain amount of cash enclosed inside the envelope.
    • 2 photos 4x6cm (less than 3months).
    • Finally, send all documents to the Consulate/Embassy in your country.
    This way is more complicate than visa on arrival, because maybe it mislays your documents or wrong address... To minimize risk, we recommend that you use Vietnam visa services on arrival.

    4. Vietnam Visa Information for United States of America.

    Vietnam visa now issue just for you with two main purposes is the most common trade and tourism. Here we only simulate for you easy to understand, without going into each category.
    4.1. Vietnam Business Visa:

    You will be issued for commercial purposes when you have company, Representative Office, Business partners, or to explore the market for investment.
    4.2. Vietnam Tourist Visa:

    In addition to the Vietnam commercial visa, you will get a visa for tourism purposes, and tourist visa include traveler in groups, individual tourists and for those who come to Vietnam to visit their relatives.
    These are very simple definitions to help you understand the purpose of applying Vietnam entry visa for American citizens and foreigners living in United States of America. But we want to tell you that sometimes the purpose show on the visa is not important to your entry. You just care that we can offer you a visa or not. But we always follow your request.


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