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Vietnam visa service

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    Vietnam visa service
    - Correctly fill in the visa form given to clients with all requirements. Clients are responsible for all the information submitted.

    - Settle the payment for vietnam visa service with secure payment gateway. For your convenience, you can download Vietnam visa form

    Right after receiving your visa information and payment, we will process your visa; in urgent case this process takes only 1 working day, normal cases will take 2 to 3 working days. Then we will send you the copy Vietnam visa approval letter by e-mail once we get it from Vietnam immigration office.

    - Bring the approval letter to get Vietnam visa at your chosen place (Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Airport).

    - Passport with a validity of at least 6 months.
    - For Vietnam visa on arrival: Bring the approval letter and two most recent photos (4x6) to have your visa stamped at any international airports in Vietnam. The stamping fee you pay is US$25 (in cash) and submitted directly to the Immigration office at the airport (Russian travelers are exempted from this fee).
    - For Vietnam visa approval: Take that approval letter with your passport to that Embassy or Consulate to get the visa stamp on your passport. The stamping fee varies in each Embassy (from US$ 25 to 65).

    source : vietnam-travelservices
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    Address liên hệ: 29/232 Ton Duc Thang street, Hang Bot ward, Dong Da dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Hotline: 0989.496.239
    website : visavietnamsupport.com

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