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    Most visitors still need to apply for a Vietnamese visa in order to to enter the country. In general, Vietnamese visa is inexpensive in comparision to any other countries. The visa fees are ranging from US$65 - 85 if an application is sent directly to the Embassy or or US$25-55 if your visa has been pre-approved.

    A fairly convenient process has recently been introduced, but this requires a pre-arranged application to Hanoi Immigration Department and is generally helpful to those who wish to avoid complicated "red tape" procedures.

    - What is a Vietnam Visa on Arrival? This is most likely the easiest way to obtain your visa without having to chase down embassies, consulates and the like prior to your trip. The entry visa will be stamped on your passport at the Vietnam Visa On Arrival Desk at the International Airport in Vietnam. Then you can pass through the Immigration checking point. With this type of visa, you only can enter the country by air.

    - How to get a Vietnam Visa on Arrival? We get a Vietnam visa on arrival Approval letter for you from the Vietnam Immigration Department. After obtaining the approval letter, we will forward you a copy by fax or email. Copies of the same document will be forwarded on your behalf to Vietnam Immigration checkpoints at International Airports only, so when you arrive in Viet Nam, the Immigration officers will have those documents on hand and will be able to issue your entry visa at once. Please remember to bring at least 02 photos of passport regulation size (2in x 2in or 4cm x 6cm) and cash (US dollars) for the stamping fees

    Address liên hệ: 29/232 Ton Duc Thang street, Hang Bot ward, Dong Da dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Hotline: 0989.496.239
    website : visavietnamsupport.com
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