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    Secret 6
    It’s necessary to be careful in paragraphs stating definitions
    Initial word definition is to coherently expand the next information and author’s thoughts.
    Even writer who writes such paragraphs has to pay close attention to word definition as well. Ways of definition can be based on dictionary or writer’s opinion, which are both important.
    Secret 7
    It’s suggested to notice explanation by examples if there is any
    Example expression is indirect. Therefore, explaining and inferring basing on personal opinion may lead to misunderstanding.
    In case this indirect expression is asked in real exams, there is surely explanation afterwards. The rest task is to fully understand that part then you can give out the right implications from previous examples used.
    Secret 8
    Words repeated many times are usually key words, you should pay special attention to sentences containing these words.
    Repeated words are words the author continuously thinks of and they are important words in the passage. Thus, paragraphs including key words mostly explain these crucial words (writer’s thoughts or opinion) and you must not pass through such paragraphs.
    Secret 9
    In True – False questions, you need to understand that wrong spelled answers are not what you should concern.
    Can you give out the answer of True-False questions right away?
    This type of question in 1kyu is not easy to answer at all.
    You are likely to answer incorrectly if you are hurry
    At that time, it’s better to focus on wrong information parts which cannot be answers. The rest answer is what you need.
    Secret 10
    In filling gap questions, you need to find relevant information right after it.
    Linking words represent a meaning relation (including logical relation) between the former paragraph and the latter one. Therefore, in order to do well in filling gap questions, you need to fully understanding logically content of these paragraphs. This is a browsing reading method; however, if you take advantage of it radically, it’s helpful to handle such types of questions.

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