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    In Japanese proficiency tests, especially from N3 and higher, Japanese reading comprehension always accounts for the largest proportion of total mark, time and difficulty level. Therefore, in order to take control of this part to get the highest result, you can learn these tips below.
    Secret 1
    For questions about content and reasons for underline parts, suggestions are right before or after underlined information
    It’s hardly for needed information to be far from the underline parts. In most cases, scanning through sentences before or after underlined information guides to the answers. Make sure to read carefully in the right place.
    Secret 2
    Read question thoroughly if there are questions in negation form.
    “Is not it A?” is way of expressing personal opinion in a moderate level which means “ I think it’s A”
    For example: He still smiles broadly but isn’t he very miserable now?
    I think he is very miserable now
    That moderate way of saying is embedded with speaker’s real thoughts
    Of course, exam questions are frequently related to that matter
    Secret 3
    If there is a conjunction with opposite meaning such as “however”, following paragraph usually contains important content.
    Why does writer have to change the information flow by “however”? that is because although the idea flow is changed, the author’s opinions and implications are still kept unchanged. Thus, the upcoming paragraph often has a high possibility to express crucial information.
    Secret 4
    Take a look at clue information (title, vocabulary noted in the bottom of passage…) before reading. The more you understand the passage’s topic, the better you become in explaining and inferring.
    While reading any passage, which is easier between “reading without knowing topic” and “reading with understanding topic already”? it’s obviously the latter.
    Before reading in detail of the whole passage, browsing through key clues helps you partially understand its content before going to questions part.
    It only takes 1 or 2 seconds to do that. Just so, your reading mark can be improved significantly.
    Secret 5
    The purpose of reading comprehension is to know exactly author’s opinions
    The ultimate objective of reading comprehension is to understand thoroughly what the author wants to convey.
    Especially paragraphs containing words such as: sure, definitely, isn’t…, I assume that,…usually express main content.

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