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paper filter coffee brand focused Yamanaka

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    Currently, paper filter coffee brand focused Yamanaka in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the US, Thailand, ... and some countries in Europe. Thanks to the full development of this market will make Vietnam impetus to promote the development of its coffee bags abroad Bring more profits.
    Article sharing personnel, Yamanaka had supported and trusted coffee style totally new clean Yamanaka, your feedback will make us grow stronger, we always listen to you. There Yamanaka, busy without pure drinking coffee is a matter of yore then, the business trip or travel for several days to clean the coffee filter bag this paper, a new creative style Truecoffee (Yamanaka's famous brands in Vietnam).
    Truecoffee brand cách pha cà phê phin giấy when in Vietnam, because Vietnam's flavor is somewhat richer, coffee should taste differently, with products carrying organic coffee filter paper slightly towards the future, the Japanese technology coffee cup formation that just a piece of paper to blow, this stimulates people to think of Vietnam, do enjoy coffee became more interesting, more and more strange substance that tradition now.

    You know before you use, the coffee is pure Arabica coffee beans are in the land of Dalat, a temperate climate throughout the year, bringing modern technology of Japan was introduced to Vietnam to care , to bring pure coffee beans, processed according to international standards, no impurities, no smell aromas, to create coffee bags Yamanaka wrapped in a paper bag modern small, handy and no second pollution is the first choice of busy people and foreign customers.
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