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Malaysia finds new laws to prevent online gambling

Thảo luận trong 'Linh Tinh' bắt đầu bởi hantt.163, 18 Tháng ba 2016.

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    Marie Kelley November 25, 2015 Latest Casino and Gambling News, Malaysia, Online gambling Malaysia regulation, Unlicensed Operation The Malaysian government is considering adjusting the present laws to prevent what they are calling ‘widespread’ activity in online illegal gambling. Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, the Deputy Home Minister, claimed on Wednesday that the laws, now considered archaic, are holding back police from prosecuting anyone responsible for illegal online gambling Malaysia. This has now created an effort by government officials to propose amendments for the present gambling laws. The amendments would consist of provisions to be added to the Lotteries Act 1952, Betting Ordinance 1953, Communications and Multimedia Act and the Betting Ordinance 1953. Nur Jazlan was quoted in The Sun Daily, claimed that for a long term method, changes need to be made to the law that will allow police to have more jurisdiction in term of combating activities that fall under the category of illegal gambling.

    The government presently has the Prevention of Crime Act to try and fight online gambling. Going back to October, a minimum of 29 people were related to online gambling operations and been investigated under this law. Based on Nur Jazlan’s statements, changes need to be made, with new laws integrated on the subject of illegal online gambling Malaysia. This especially needs to be done after groups have started to change their way of operation to do so under a family entertainment center license. Jazlan claimed that changes are being made to train more experts on the subject of gambling to try and identify and categorize activities that include gambling elements.

    What Malaysian enjoyers need to be conscious of is that unlawful gambling carries a penalty of up to six months imprisonment, or a fine of up to RM3000. Enjoying slot machine malaysia is technically illegal, though our police are not in the slightest bit concerned when this is done at home and in private, using foreign gambling sites. This is reason why it is important to avoid domestic online casinos that operate illegally.

    In conclusion, if you are looking for the securest selections, using our 3 lottery companies, online gambling Malaysia at the official racing tote and enjoying at Casino de Genting are the 3 selections that are completely legal under our national laws. While enjoying online is still something of a grey area, thousands of Malaysians are doing it on a daily basis without any results. While there is a greater than zero risk involved, for the most part it is something that can be enjoyed securely from your own home. Seemore: scr888 casino download.

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