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Loa Focal PS 165V,Loa cánh Focal PS 165V

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  1. thanhtungauto New Member

    Loa Focal PS 165V,Loa cánh Focal PS 165V[IMG]
    • 6-1/2" Performance Series 2-Way Component System
    • Power Handling:
      • Peak: 320 watts per set / 160 watts each side
      • RMS: 160 watts per set / 80 watts each side
    • Polyglass cone material for a neutral sound without coloration
    • Butyl Rubber speaker surround for excellent reliability
    • Processed Aluminum Inverted Dome tweeter for smoothness and definition with tremendous off-axis response
    • Partial horn loading, tilted mounting tweeter pod
    • Kapton former construction
    • Chrome magnet finish for a pleasing look
    • Separate 0, -3 or -6dB crossover for easy integration
    • 4 ohms impedance
    • Grilles and mounting hardware included
    • 1" high-temperature voice coil
    • Frequency response: 60-20,000 Hz
    • Top-mount depth: 2-9/16"
    • Sensitivity: 92.5dB
    ĐT/Fax : 04.3633.0496 - Hotline : 0903.22.333.1
    Email: thanhtungauto2@gmail.com

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