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Interesting Christmas cakes Ideas

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    Interesting Christmas cakes Ideas

    Noel is a holiday for everyone around the world. To have a great Christmas day, not only some special things like Father Christmas – Santa Claus, but also Christmas trees with many beautiful items on the tree, a full of foods on the table in the party. As the most important part, desserts with some kinds of cakes are expected. Here are some Christmas cakes ideas that I hope these are helpful ideas for you to have a great dessert.
    1. Yule Log Cake
    Yule Log Cake is a kind of custard cake, it often used same as the traditional dessert in the Christmas occasion in England, America, and France… This cake has the origin from France. This cake has a special shape, looks like a tree trunk; it is decorated like a trunk tree to show the firing, the warm in the winter at this time. People believe that it will bring peace and happiness to them. It made by sponge cake and can bake in a shape like a trunk or can bake in a flat shape then roll it like a tube and put the chocolate surrounds it, decorate some more items like flowers, tree branch or strawberry by cream.
    2. Pudding Yorkshire cake
    Pudding Yorkshire cake is a famous traditional cake in England with the shape looks like small bowls that everyone likes around the world. Making this one is not a difficult issue, with the super simple ingredients consist of eggs, powder and milk and the great way cooking. It becomes a kind of cake must have in the Christmas.
    3. Gingerbread
    This is a great choice and good for health with plenty of ingredients but it’s so simple to make at this time. If you and your family love the ginger, I think these cakes are a suitable choice for you. With a variety of shapes like Christmas tree, ribbon, heart, father Christmas, stars and the smell of ginger but not spicy, I think this is the interesting cakes should have in this Christmas time.
    4. Pumpkin Cookies
    This is a popular meal in this holiday and it is considered a kind of favorite cookies for anyone. You don’t need to use too much sugar for this cake because of the sweet of the pumpkin so it’s a healthy cake for you and your family at the winter time. The way to make these cookies is great. These look like really hard when it’s baking in the oven but when you touch them, they are soft, and not be dry after you take it out of the oven. I’m sure that you and your family will love these cookies so much.
    5. Cheesecake
    Cheesecake is a wonderful dessert. With the simple ingredients and simple way, You can choose any smells you like, for example, coconut, passion fruit, mango or chocolate… and put this on the top of the cake after you processing them.
    A great time for everyone to get together of the year is Christmas and the great cakes for this time will make the party more full and happiness. This is my recipe cakes I recommend, so I hope you will enjoy it.
    Happy Christmas!
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