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How to say good night in japanese ?

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    how to say good night in japanese in true way

    In Japanese language, there are various greeting phrases according to the situation or time. But, the daily greetings are simple. In the last post, I have written about how to say good morning in Japanese so today I will introduce common phrases to say good night in Japanese. Let's learn it and use it now.
    1. How to say good night in Japanese ?
    One of the common phrases to say good night in Japanese is おやすみなさい (oyasuminasai) . O-yasumi nasai is standard for "Good night" and dropping the nasai can make it informal. Talking with your family or friends, remove なさい (nasai), and you just say お休み (oyasumi). This way makes more closely and sweetly.
    You can use some follow sentences which has the same meaning :
    - おやすみなさい、良い夢を! ( oyasuminasai. Yoi yume wo ) Good night. Have a nice dream !
    - 眠った方がいいよ。 (Netta kata ga iiyo ) You should go to sleep.
    - 目を閉じて眠りなさい。( Me wo tojite nemurinasai ) close your eyes and take sleep.
    After giving the others the declaration to wish them had a good sleep, you can also give them a kiss in their forehead or maybe a sweat hug. A tight one, which make you are close as possible to the other person. Where you are afraid that you might crushed each other, almost. One were afraid to let go.
    2. What do you ask when he/she wakes up ?
    To express your concern to each other not only by 1 sentence you say before he/she sleep but also you need to ask him/her how did he/she feel after sleeping. You can use some ways such as :
    What do you ask when he/she wakes up ?
    昨日の夜はいつたの. What time did you go to sleep yesterday ?
    どう夢を見ましたか . How are your dream ?
    昨日どのようにあなたが眠りますか. How did you sleep ?
    The people, who are falling in love can say :
    - あなたは私に夢を見させてくれるのね。 You make me to dream about you.
    - わたしはあなたの夢を見ました。 I saw you in my dream.
    This is all the way to say good night in Japanese. Wish you use it in true way and true situation.

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