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    Nhat Phuc Translation Company is one of the professional translation companies in Vietnam. Being established since 2006 and through many years of development. Nhat Phuc now has a team of more than 80 staffs, collaborators with university and post- graduated level. We supply all solutions related to foreign language such as document tra nslation, proofreading, copywriting, website localization. We not only specialize in but also have profound knowledge in fields such as accounting, economy, social culture, law, medical, IT, maritime, construction, investment, linguistic, marketing……Therefore, we do not just meet, but exceed your expectations in time, cost and quality. Our top objective is to become one of the leading translation companies in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

    We supply translation services for all fields such as: Economy, Construction, Accounting-Finance, Law, Tourism, Technical, Electrical-electronic, IT, Chemistry, Health Care...
    * Contract, bidding document, CV, Certificate, Degree, Identity Card...
    * Notarizing oversea education documents
    * Email- Fax- Correspondance- Documents
    * Catalogue- Brochure- Leaflet, website....
    * Book- Magazine, Owner’s manual, Technical catalogue..
    * Foreign projects of all fields

    Especially, with SDL Trados 2011, you will get best consistent translation.
    We also supply English-Vietnamese, Vietnamese-English interpreters...for conferences, meeting of domestic and foreign organizations with reasonable price.
    With motto: best quality, long-term prestige and exact deadline.
    Let contact Nhat Phuc, a reliable place for all foreign languages matters

    Nhat Phuc Translation Company
    Tel: 08.22460459 – 66745704 Fax: 08 6296.6777
    Mobile phone: 0915.170978
    93 Cong Hoa, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
    Skype: translationvietnamnick yahoo chat: thaopham_np

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