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    1.The diplomatic passports, official passports apply vietnam visa at the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam. Enter the 01 declaration visa Hong Kong, at the same time together with the function of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam

    2.Ordinary passport holders apply Vietnam visa Hong Kong at the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam. Consular Office will transfer the file to the Immigration Department of Hong Kong to browse profile, time take visa 4 tuan.Le charge 30 USD. Visa applicants need the following papers.
    * The declaration
    * Passport (valid for 3 months or more)
    * Proof of economic status (certified bank deposit worth 1500USD for a period of 2 months or more, notarized translation in English for 3 months)
    * Proof of occupation (for example: Decision assignment, etc.) and business license of the company or representative office establishment permit (notarized English translation notarized term three months);
    * Invitation to the Hong Kong;
    * The detailed work schedule in Hong Kong
    * The other papers necessary consular officials requested.

    3. Visa requirements for papers Hong Kong:

    * The declaration must complete and truthful in English capital letters, not written off, remove, delete, character must be clear;
    * Declaration paste a photo size 4x6 cm, white background, sharp, bare head, the scanned image is not used in spray.

    When applicants need to submit a copy of the same original. A4 copy paper, thermal fax paper rolling, the writing must be clear, the article content must be between pages, passport (personal information) photo magnified 120%. All documents must be photo paper on one side, and arranged in the order (*) in accordance with Section 2.

    Defined above by consular officials in charge Svetlana explained. The applicant must comply with the above provisions, if the violation of the Embassy will refuse receipt

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