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    Russian online tv. No one can be indifferent to the ’Sonata by the lake’. From start to finish the whole film characterized in locating reserves, filled with lofty sentiments, profound and in sang.This film ranks as the best film of the Russian movies . Taras Bulba warrior is a love story ’Romeo and Juliet’ took place in the late 16th century in Ukraine. Taras has filled in many years of adventure park with Cossack army when pressed Ki Three Lanmo academy, he guic his sons to school. At this time, the Poles are dominating Ukraine and Cossacks themselves struggle to liberate their land and from the domination of Poland. Taras hopes his son will learn to learn enemy. Instead Andrei loved daughter of a Polish nobleman, causing conflict between love and honor his family and clan. Ivan’s childhood was his first work directed by the USSR - Andrei Tarkovsky. Based on a short story by Russian writer Ivan Vladimir Bogomolov, the plot is about a 12 year old boy spy during World War II. After unwittingly crossing the German lines to gather information, he encountered numerous dangers. Unique film emphasizes how the brutality of war humane way instead created a story about soldiers and war. 29505

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