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About tadashi's tattoo studio

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  1. About tadashi's tattoo studio

    Artist Tadashi Trung Trần is the main artist working at Tadashi Tattoo.

    Graduated from Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Arts 9 years ago, Trung Tadashi was then spending 5 years at Japan to enrich his knowledge and accumulate experience of Oriental art. Since his first approach with tattoo art in June 2007, Trung has produced many art works appreciated by most of his customers. Understand that tattoo is a pernament skin - engraving art, by which each tattoo will follow you till the end of your life., Artist Trung Tadashi has always put all his talent, enthusiasm and his heart into each tattoo so that all customers will feel satisfied and feel proud with their own tattoos.

    Trung Tadashi Artist

    Tattooing is an art form permanently etched into your skin, a tattoo will take the person to bring it to all my life. Understand that Artist Central Tadashi should always put all the talent, enthusiasm, and above all a heart and soul into the job to create the most beautiful works, brings satisfaction to customers.

    Cherry blossom tattoo - by Tadashi

    Established since 2007, to day tattoo shop Tattoo Tadashi created the trust and its credibility in the customer's mind is expressed through the way the professional, dedicated and attentive, incredibly good comments of the fans. Especially Artist Central Tadashi with solid skills, with many awards he has achieved in recent years, he was invited to hold the position judging contest Vietnam Tattoo Convention.

    Front desk - Tadashi Studio

    In 2013, the Tattoo Convention Tadashi join Vietnam and won many awards in the category tattoo.
    Tattoo Convention Awards 2013 - Trung Tadashi

    In 2014, the contest judges Tadashi Tattoo Convention 2014 Vietnam.
    Trung Tadashi contest judges Vietnam Tattoo Convention 2014.

    2015, Artist Trung Tadashi join Tattoo Festival festival held in European countries and Denmark- won second prize trophy " Best Tattoo Of The Day "
    He was the first Vietnam Artist who has the opportunity to participate in European Tattoo Festival and won awards.

    Trung Tadashi Artist award "Best Tattoo Of The Day" at the European Denmark- Tattoo Festival

    "When the tattoo artist is a painter originally talented, he can reproduce your dream perfectly. Tadashi Tattoo Come to experience the art and professionalism ".

    Therefore, while in Tadashi Tattoo, you rest assured that I chose to be tattooed trusted address, to entrust confidence.

    Please contact us for a free consultation and appointment: 0918.65.90.68 (Ms.Thu) - 0123.9191.978 (Trung Tadashi)

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